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Engage in a comprehensive program

M.S. in Data Science

Earn your M.S. in Data Science

One of the most comprehensive and highly ranked programs of its kind in the country, the M.S. degree in Data Science combines in-depth understanding with hands-on skills, technologies, analytic tools, and techniques. Recognized in the top five 'Best Master's in Data Science Programs' in the nation by Fortune magazine, we are the largest Data Science program preparing students to pursue careers in this high-growth field.

Graduates of this program will have the theoretical, practical, and comprehensive knowledge to manage and analyze large-scale, complex data to enable efficient data-driven discoveries and decisions.

Coursework and Degree Requirements

Effective Spring 2023, the M.S. in Data Science requires 10 courses (30 credits)., students must maintain a GPA of 2.7 or higher.

STEM Approved Program

Nine Required Courses:

  • SEIS 603 Foundations of Python I
  • SEIS 615 Cloud Computing
  • SEIS 630 Database Management Systems and Design
  • SEIS 631 Data Preparation and Analysis
  • SEIS 632 Data Analytics and Visualization
  • SEIS 732 Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • SEIS 745 Data Lake Engineering
  • SEIS 763 Machine Learning
  • SEIS 764 Artificial Intelligence

One Elective: Choose one SEIS elective from any course listed in the Graduate Programs in Software course catalog.

Please note suggested course sequences assume a fall semester start. Please talk with your advisor if you have questions or starting in other semesters.

Suggested course sequence with SEIS 603 required:

  • Semester 1: SEIS 603 and SEIS 630
  • Semester 2: SEIS 615 and SEIS 631
  • Semester 3: SEIS 632 and SEIS 732
  • Semester 4: SEIS 745 and SEIS 763
  • Semester 5: SEIS 764 and SEIS elective

Suggested course sequence with SEIS 603 waived:

  • Semester 1: SEIS 630 and SEIS 615
  • Semester 2: SEIS 631 and SEIS 632
  • Semester 3: SEIS 745 and SEIS 732
  • Semester 4: SEIS 763 and SEIS elective
  • Semester 5: SEIS 764 and SEIS elective

Graduate Degrees and Certificates that Work for You

Convenient Schedule

Classes are offered in-person and online weeknights from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m., Monday – Friday.

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Focused on Critical Business Decisions

Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence

Where industry professionals partner with St. Thomas faculty and graduate students to foster collaboration between companies and organizations to solve real-world problems.



Our full-time tenured faculty, all hold Ph.D. degrees and extensive industrial experience. Adjunct faculty are selected for professional experience and educational credentials.

Headshot of Dr. Manjeet Rege

Dr. Manjeet Rege

Dr. Manjeet Rege is a Professor of Graduate Programs in Software and Data Science and Director for the Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence. He is also the co-host of the "All Things Data" podcast, interviewing data scientists, technologists, business experts and futurists which averages over 60,000 listeners.

Headshot of Dr. Chih Lai

Dr. Chih Lai

Before joining the faculty at St. Thomas, Dr. Chih Lai was a principal software engineer, working on a collision avoidance system. Lai holds three U.S patents and three European patents. Lai also worked with Medtronic and has pending patents on monitoring and evaluating Parkinson patients.

Headshot of Carmen Olsen

Carmen Olsen

Ms. Olsen has worked in the data warehousing and business intelligence field for over 20 years, as both an employee and consultant, developing business intelligence content as well as taking on a solution architecting role and technology implementation and training role for multiple Fortune 100 and 500 companies.

Data Science Career Outlook

  • Most of our career changers transition successfully after 2 to 3 semesters.
  • Average base pay for data scientists is $113,000.*
  • On Glassdoor's "Best Job in America" rankings, the job of Data Scientist has remained in the top three for the last six years.*

“We anticipate that one of the main challenges of the new decade is going to be finding talent... the data scientist role is already one of the hottest on the job market, and we’re certain this trend will continue for the next decade.”**—Cognetik, An analytics and data science company

*"2021's Hottest Careers: Glassdoor Releases the Year's 50 Best Jobs." Forbes, Jan 28, 2021.
**Cognetik.com/blog/data-analytics-market-in-2020-trends-forecastschallenges, Jan. 7, 2020.


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Get the Facts

Attend an Information Session

Attend an online information session to learn program details. Our programs serve working professionals with busy lives. Set your own pace and start fall, spring or summer. Classes are offered in-person and online weeknights from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m., Monday – Friday. We look forward to meeting you.