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Daniel Yarmoluk


Software Engineering and Data Science

  • Education
  • MBA, Loyola University Chicago
    BA, University of Texas at Austin

  • Research Interests
  • Data Science, Digital Transformation, Automation

Dan Yarmoluk is the business and market development lead for ATEK's IoT products which include TankScan and AssetScan. Dan has been involved in analytics, embedded design and components of mobile products for over a decade. He has focused on creating and driving IoT automation, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance programs with technology, analytics, and business models that intersect to drive added value and digital transformation.

Industries he has served include: oil and gas, refining, chemical, precision agriculture, food, pulp and paper, mining, transportation, filtration, field services and distribution. He publishes his thoughts frequently and co-hosts a popular podcast 'All Things Data' with Dr. Manjeet Rege of the University of St. Thomas. He has a forthcoming book on Industrial IoT and Asset Management that will be published in late 2018.