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Mini Master’s Programs

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Our week-long Mini Master program provides easy-to-understand, timely and relevant lectures delivered by our University of St. Thomas Graduate Programs in Software faculty and industry experts. It is a non-credit professional development lecture series that earns you CEU's (continuing education units). Each lecture topic is delivered in three-hours by a different instructor. It's an ideal way to gain knowledge on a wide variety of industry relevant topics.


Melissa Fink

Program Coordinator
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Mini Master's Programs

Data can help companies improve their operations and make faster, more intelligent business decisions. The Mini Master of Big Data and AI is a response to the expansive growth in data and the corresponding need to store, search, share and analyze massive data sets. A broad range of topics in the field of AI will be covered.

Designed for professionals wanting to enhance their understanding of the topics related to the roles, responsibilities, and skills necessary to be an effective business analyst or project manager.

Designed for anyone from any profession who wants a better understanding of the critical and cutting-edge topics, current practices and issues in information technology and how these topics impact their organization.

Data Analytics with R

If you work with data and find that tools like Excel are holding you back in both your analysis and productivity this Mini Master is for you. For anyone who spends hours copying and pasting into a presentation or report, only to do it all over again because a requirement changes or the data needs to be refreshed - this one is for you.

This Mini Master introduces business professionals to the power of the R programming language for data analysis, visualization, and reporting. Through real-world scenarios and datasets in a project-based format, participants will learn how to leverage R in their day-to-day work to produce professional visualizations and summaries of their data, revealing insights that drive decision-making for their organization.