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Craig Truempi


Software Engineering and Data Science

  • Education
  • BS, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, North Dakota State University
    MBA, University of Minnesota

  • Research Interests
  • Data science, artificial intelligence, IoT, predictive and edge analytics, digital ecosystems, and "business results".


Craig currently specializes in artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and digital ecosystems focused on asset management, predictive analytics, and reliability programs. His passion is applying state-of-the-art technology and data science algorithms to automate manual analytics and manual human tasks. Data sources include existing business systems, plant floor systems, wireless and IIOT devices. Industries served include: energy, mining, paper, food, oil and gas, refining, and chemical.

Craig offers expertise as president and vice president of small business, chairman, co-chairman, and member of several boards, director of multiple startup business units, published author of numerous data science and artificial intelligence articles, award winning team player, and accomplished executive growing fast, profitable, and productive businesses.

In his spare time Craig enjoys being with his wife and four children, being active outdoors, watching youth sports, going to the cabin and exploring in the wilderness.



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